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The Environmental Stewards Association

California State University San Marcos

Who Are We?

We are the Environmental Stewards Association at Cal State San Marcos. We are a student organization from different of backgrounds and areas of study. We seek to learn, grow, network, and be involved in our communities through taking environmental action.

Feel free to contact us or check our calendar for ways that you can get involved.

Check us out on Instagram for other updates ->@csusm_esa

Email us to be part of our weekly emails!


Become a Member!

all you need to do is:

  • subscribe to our email list (email us at to add you)

  • follow us on Instagram: @csusm_esa

  • check out our membership dues (in the tabs above)

  • join our meetings!

Sustainability Commitee


Virtual events we host:

  • Documentary Screenings 

  • Sustainable Holidays 

  • Earth Week Activities

Contact us!

Join us  

Upcoming Events

- Fall 2022 Calendar coming soon! 

-Stay tuned for meetings and events for Spring 2022 by adding us on Instagram and by being on our emailing list 

Let's Talk Gardening!

With our Gardening Committee

If you are interested in working in the garden please send us an email. We are looking for more people to help maintain the garden! If you are interested in being part of our gardening committee please contact us so we can connect you to other students who want to meet regularly. 

IMG_7865 2.JPG
IMG_7874 2.JPG
Upcoming Events 

- Gardening is always open to students. Tuesdays and Thursdays at u-hour is when most students are out there

IMG_7854 2.JPG
Contact Us!
Garden Comittee
Ocean Conservation

Ocean Conservation

Let's keep cleaning our beaches, but safely!
  • wear your face coverings
  • wear gloves 
  • wash your hands afterwards!

- Upcoming Virtual Events/ Engagement Opportunities -

  • Beach cleanups in May 

  • if you would like to initiate a cleanup, contact us! 


Contact us!

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